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About the Observatory

The Observatory provides information about the sector through sintetic and visual informs delives by an intuitive interface

Our goal: to help make the Basque Country a smart, structured destination that is a benchmark at world level
We supply organisations with intelligence to enable them to anticipate and react to changes in their environment We help to identify opportunities and activate the sector’s capacity to innovate and compete We offer analytical tools to make it possible to implement strategies successfully We provide a comprehensive, global view of the competitive environment, so encouraging change in corporate culture
Our areas of work
  • The statistical area
  • The e-tourism area
  • The research area
  • The dissemination area

The statistical area

The statistical area takes the form of the Regional Tourist Information System (SRiT from its acronym in Spanish), which is a platform with the job of bringing together the data sources that provide the indicators defined in the conceptual framework. On the one hand the Regional Tourist Information System will enable public bodies, universities and businesses to take advantage of statistical systems and complement them in technical terms, and on the other it will plan and set up a system of tourist indictors including, among other things, macroeconomic information (supply and demand) and information on source markets. This system of indicators allows comparative analyses on which to base the development of benchmarking studies.

The e-tourism area

The goal of the e-tourism area is to build up a system of indicators to enable us to become more familiar with the tourist phenomenon on the basis of analysis of its “digital footprint”. This digital footprint is analysed from viewpoints of a differentiated nature.

The research area

The job of this is to generate new knowledge and construct models applicable to the observatory by using the data generated in the statistical and e-tourism areas. To this end quantitative research techniques are used with methodologies to gather and select tourist data from different sources of information.

The dissemination area

This is responsible for exploiting and disseminating the data available, by providing the necessary infrastructure to meet the information needs of the different tourism stakeholders.


We find, put together and standardise a range of information

from different statistical sources, enriching and facilitating analysis of this information.


We make the information more accessible and easier to interpret

by giving it a new format that allows for better cross-comparison of data and makes it more usable.


We generate more information to monitor and assess competitiveness

in the tourist industry.


We offer information broken down into different levels of detail.

We show more variables and increase the value of existing information for the tourist industry.

What data do we work with?
Data about the tourist GDP The economic impact of tourism on the Basque Country Employment generated by the tourist industry in the Basque Country
Tourism as an economic activity Average spending by tourists Levels of qualifications and training in the sector or information broken down by gender
Information about where tourists come from Innovation and use of ICT in the tourist industry in the Basque Country